SCCA from the 50s and 60s


1950 Airports Racing in the US. This site has archived a huge collection of race programs, entrants, and results from the 1950s sports car racing scene in the US. Hundreds of photos Click the links below. Also check out the video of a 1950s race in Florida with General LeMay in attendance. As a racing fan, he was instrumental in the airport racing of the day after many road courses were closed.



Montgomery Area Regional & National SCCA Races in the Sixties

In June of 1966, the Central Alabama Region of the SCCA in cooperation with the Montgomery Jaycees, hosted its first of several SCCA sanctioned races.  The location was at the old Montgomery Industrial Terminal, better known by its earlier name, The H&R Point – the “holding and reconsignment” point that handled domestic and overseas movements of men and supplies during World War II. The course also incorporated closed-off stretches of Airbase Blvd. and Hayneville Rd. 

Date Reg/Nat City Location
06/18-19/1966 Regional Montgomery AL H&R Point
08/13-14/1966 National Montgomery AL H&R Point
09/24-25/1966 National Bainbridge GA Airport
06/17-18/1967 Regional Montgomery AL H&R Point
03/30-31/1968 National Montgomery AL H&R Point
10/19-20/1968 Regional Tuskegee AL Sharpe Field airport
03/15-16/1969 Regional Tuskegee AL Sharpe Field airport

[Course Map] 

[June, 1966 Commisioners’ Cup Program]

[Newspaper coverage of the Races]

Following three successful years at the H&R Point, the Commissioners’ Cup venue was change to an abandoned World War II training field, Sharpe Field, just north of Tuskegee.

[March 1969 Commissioners’ Cup Program]