Club History

It is hard to say exactly when or where the idea of a British car club got started. For a long time several people had talked about the possibility of putting something together. This idea was passed around until finally on February 22, 1992 the first British Car Gathering was held at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. This seemed like a good place for a show of these types of British cars. There were 16 cars in attendance.

It was decided that the cars should be enjoyed on the road, so a trip was planned for a drive and picnic. This trip took the participants to Chewacla State Park in Auburn, Alabama. Again a good turnout of British cars made the run and friendships were made.

Following the relatively successful participation and enjoyment resulting from these two outings, it was decided there was enough interest to form a club to further enjoy the fellowship and cars in a more organized manner. The next get-together was held at Hotel Talisi in nearby Tallassee, Alabama for an organizational meeting and election of officers. This was the official beginning of the club with about forty members. (This was also the last stuffy meeting we’ve had since this club is for fun.) Because of this fun the membership quickly grew to around one hundred members in the first five years.

Some of the reasons for forming the club were to make new friends, enjoy the cars, help others with their cars, and to share an all around fellowship and common interest.

Then and now, the club has held to these ideals. Come and join us.

To find out more about the history of BMC Montgomery check out the Club Newsletter, Shows, and Past Outings.

If you have any questions or comments about the club, e-mail us at david.price@bitco.com.