2018 Tinker Day at Hamer’s Shop

In spite of threats of rain, we had an excellent turn-out for this year’s Tinker Day.  Hamer, Tom M., Tom D., Mike, David, Dan, Andy, Doc, Pam, Rick, and Russell as well as former member from the old days, Ed, were there to help. 

Little British cars in attendance were: Triumphs: TR4A, TR6, TR8, & Spitfire; MGs:  MGA-1600, MGB-GT, MGB-LE. David’s MGA sporting its new MGB 1800 lump was AWOL while awaiting some silencer hanger bits.

Not all 0f the LBCs were in need of attention — some there as emotional support for the ill and injured.  Work included a brake bleed, a brake squeal fix, tightened a loose suspension bit, and some diagnostic work and parts shopping list made for Pam & Dan.

And, since today was San Patricio Day we ate Mexican at Cuco’s to celebrate the repairs.  It was a good morning for all. 

Special thanks to Hamer for making his shop and tools available to us.