2018 Eufaula Pilgrimage

The 53rd Eufaula Pilgrimage is upon us, and I for one don’t want to miss ladies in hoop skirts and the city open on Saturday!
We’ll be departing from Dunkin’ Donuts on Vaughn Saturday 7 April at 0800 (8 a.m. for you non-military folks).  Come early if you want to enjoy the city’s finest joe.
Our route is pretty straightforward – east on AL 110 to Union Springs, then east on US 82 until Eufaula and the AL/GA border.  We should arrive with a rest stop sometime after 1000.
I am not going to try and capture the details of this event, I simply will not do it justice.  Take a peek at the city website, and drink deep from knowledge’s well: 
But, I will offer to anyone who has served in the military to bring proof of your veteran status, as they offer huge home tour discounts to veterans.
As there will be food vendors throughout, we will not have a group sit down meal, and folks will be free to wander as long as they wish, so there will be no set departure time for our return home.  We will take a group photo upon arrival.
A little loosey-goosey and unstructured?  Yep, but remember, this is a pop-up trip.  Hope to see a bunch of you at Dunkin’.  With good weather, this will be a great trip.  With crappy weather, it’ll still be good!
Your tour guide,
Tom Miro