2016 British Car Show

After a busy spring summer and early fall preparation, the 20th Annual British Car Show was a reality.  Once again gracing the Shed at the Alabama State Fairgrounds, dozens of cars ranging from British classics to four-speed Mercedes sedans brought a welcome and remarkable variety to the event.  Drivers from as far away as the Florida Panhandle came to participate in the show, share stories of their cars and driving adventures, and introduce a new generation of enthusiasts to the reasons cars remain fun to drive.

President Terry Young’s gentle persistence paid off in a wide-ranging gift table, providing door prizes from MGB brake kits to wash and wax kits, and his favorite thing, flags!

Pam, Verna, and Doris worked hard to ensure lunch was also memorable, providing some of the finest of Montgomery BBQ (thanks Sam’s) and the fixin’s to round out our meal.

Hank Sims did a masterful job painting the 4×8 sign announcing the show – we look forward to using it for a long time to come.  I am pretty sure Deborah, his wife, had cloned herself for the show, as she was literally everywhere a helping hand was needed.  Thanks!

Russell did his best corralling a barely qualified gofer like myself, while still managing to provide quality photos for the newsletter and our new trophies.

Amanda Welch and Earl Garner saved me from the wrath of Cathy and Verna and did a masterful job of tallying up the votes, despite relentless pressure from a guy with a Pimento Red TR6 to, ahem, keep it fair.

David and Brandon worked wonders to ensure our participants were in the proper locations – this kind of automotive Jenga is simply beyond me.

Don’s efforts ensured the event’s fantasy ride, a shiny new Jaguar F-type convertible, was on hand to amaze and torture those of us of with limited means.  At least it was an automatic.  A stick shift version of that beast would truly be hitting below the belt.

You’ve all seen Terry’s email announcing this year’s winners and congratulating all for the wonderful turnout and participation.  Now it’s my turn to thank all of you; from club members bringing out their classic iron (thanks Hamer!) and our favorite wheeled companions from Abingdon-on-Thames; our guests, who really brought some classic rides to share, from E-type Jaguars and a glorious XK140, to classic Triumphs, a Morris Minor, and my favorite, the Caterham Super Seven.  Kudos also to the folks who brought the heirs to the kingdom – the MINI invasion, who showed that cars with modern emission control and ABS can still have soul.  I know I have missed many cars and owners and to all of you, my sincerest apologies.  Your rides and the love you obviously have for them, make these events worth all the effort.  Hope to see all of you and more next year.

The Artist formerly known as The 2016 BMC Car Show Coordinator,

Tom Miro

Hope to see everyone at our 21st British Car Show on October 14, 2017

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2016 Sponsors Thank Your Letter

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Best of Show

Kim & Yardley Bailey, 1958 Triumph TR3-A

President’s Award

Linton Ward, 1957 Morris Minor 1000

1980 and Earlier British Cars

First Place – Franz Bachmann, 1960 Triumph TR3-A

Second Place- Steve Womble, 1976 Triumph TR6

Third Place – Scott Anderson, 1972 MGB

1981-Present British Car

First Place – Carl & Kathy Raymond, 1994 Jaguar XJS

Second Place –Taber Tompkins, 2007 Caterham 7 SV

Third Place –Don Green 1998 Jaguar XK8


First Place

Edgar Diaz, 1997 Rover Mini Cooper JCW

Second Place

Scott Bradley, 2009 MINI Cooper S

Third Place

Russell Whigham, MINI Cooper S


First Place

Randy & Lee Darden, 1966 Mercdes 230S

Second Place

Mary Anne Hanley, 2000 BMW M Coupe

Second Place

Jack Pickett, 1982 Mercedes 240D

Diamond in the Rough

Paul Casarona, 1957 Jaguar XK140 OTS

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2016 British Car Show Entrants

Name CAR Club Award
Walt Anderson 1974 MGB BHAM  
Scott Anderson 1972 MGB BHAM British 3rd
Tom Board 1974 MGB BHAM  
Scott Bradley 2009 MINI Cooper S BMCM MINI 2nd
Pam Bransford 1969 MGB – GT BMCM  
Brandon Brazil 1980 MGB Limited Ed. BMCM  
Dan Byrne 1979 MGB BMCM  
Randy and Lee Darden 1977 Triumph Spitfire BHAM  
Edgar Diaz 1997 MINI Cooper- Rover BMCM MINI 1st
Dean Drinkard 1972 MGB Roadster BHAM  
Earl Garner 1965 Sunbeam Alpine Series V BMCM  
Don Green 1998 Jaguar XK8 BMCM New British 3rd
Mary Anne Hanley 2000 BMW M coupe BMCM Euro-Asian 2nd
Andre’ L Jenkins 1980 MGB LE Roadster MGM  
Andre’ L Jenkins 1977 MGB Roadster MGM  
Andy Martin 2008 Mazdaspeed 3 BMCM  
Ken McClellan 1970 Triumph GT6 BHAM  
Thomas Miro 1976 Triumph TR6 BMCM  
Lee Oxford 2003 MINI Cooper S BMCM  
Ronald Pardo 2009 MINI Cooper Sconvertible BMCM  
John Peden 1984 Rolls Royce Corniche BMCM  
Thomas Pettinga 2016 MINI Cooper Clubman TUSC  
Hamer Phillips Austin Healey BJ8 BMCM  
Jack Pickett 1982 Mercedes 240D MGM Euro-Asian 3rd
David Price 1959 MGA BMCM  
Carl & Kathryn Raymond 1994 Jaguar XJS BHAM New British 1st
Dwayne Rigsby 1965 MG Midget BHAM  
Hank Sims 1992 Jaquar XJS -V12 convertible BMCM  
Bob Smith 1974 MGB BMCM  
Bil Summerlin 1963 MGB BMCM  
Taber Tompkins 2007 Caterham 7 SV PANHDL New British 2nd
Blitz Welch 1978 Triumph Spitfire BMCM  
Russell Whigham 2010 MINI Cooper S BMCM MINI 3rd
Allen & Ione Williams 1963 Austin-Healey WALA  
Terry Young 1999 Jaguar XK8 BMCM  
Randy and Lee Darden 1966 Mercedes 230S BHAM Euro-Asian 1st
Linton Ward 1957 Morris Minor 1000 MGM President’s Choice
Franz Bachmann 196  Triump TR3-A PANHLD British 1st
Kim and Yardley Bailey 1955 Triumph TR3-A WALA Best of Show
Bill Trimble 1967 Jaguar E-type AUB-OPL  
Malcohm Branch 1967 MGB BMCM  
Steve Womble 1976 Triumph TR6 MGM British 2nd
Paul Casarona 1957 Jaguar XK-140 AUB-OPL Diamond in the Rough
Jaguar of Birmingham 2016 F-Type Convertible BHM Dealer
MINI of Birmingham 2016 MINI (Butterscotch) BHM Dealer
MINI of Birmingham 2016 MINI (Blue) BHM Dealer