2010 Tired Butts Merrill’s & Mentone

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Photos by Russell Whigham     Full Version
Photos by David Price                Merrill’s Cars & Parts       Mentone Pics
Photos by Lee & Mary                Day One       Day Two       Day Three
 Merrill’s Cars & Parts   Fixin of the Flat

Tired Butts 2010 was a two night affair in the best mountain country Alabama has to offer. Once above Goodwater, the scenery and land begins to change. The Cheaha Twisties are an appetizer of the feast of roads to come. Merrill’s Cars and Parts in Piedmont has long been a favorite place to see many old sports cars and remember when. Back in the day – 1986 – I bought an MGA here. Part of this one and another and soon we had Betsy, the A I still drive today. This visit was a treat for me.

Mentone is as quaint as ever. This once off the beaten path city has now been found. Southern Living has listed it as one of the top ten places to see fall colors in the Southeast. I met folks from Florida and as far away as England who were here after seeing this article. We toured Little River Canyon, saw the amazing rock on which they built a church, and strolled down to Desoto Falls. Too bad the visitors hadn’t come sooner. It came as a shock that some of the restaurants had closed. With the fall color chasers, lunch was a long wait. The White Elephant still provides special shopping for that elusive souvenier. Dinner was great inside a canvas tent. Many tall tales and much laughter ensued.

Then came the “changing of the tube”. My steed had thrown a shoe and alas, nowhere to get a flat fixed – tonight – or on
the morrow. So, we’ll fix it ourselves. What fun followed. The tire was broken down, a new tube installed and all was well. With the help of several folks and some refreshing “beverages” this was a hoot. Dylan advised he learned how to fix a tire, “Pour some soapy water around the rim, then find 3 or 4 fat guys to jump up and down on it.” I agree with Tommy, this made the trip.

Sunday saw us head down to Valley Head and through Ft Payne. There we saw the Atlanta Austin Healey Club. Horns and waves for all. Then came one of the best roads of the tour – Hwy 68 west. Wow!

Collinsville brought a visit with Joe & Dixie and special times for Andy & Dylan. Joe had taken Andy for rides in his TR6 many years ago. Lunch in Leesburg and the run home. The Cheaha Scenic Parkway provided a few more ooh and ahh moments with awesome vistas. Another dash through the Twisties and soon we were all safely home. About 550 miles total for the A. More for others and fewer for some, but a great trip and really good times.

Tired Butts Tour 2010 Videos – Mentone

A short Sample of “The Twisties” by Cathy Whigham 


Desoto Falls by David Price 


Leaving Desoto State Park by Mary Hanley Oxford  


Brow Park and Drive to Valley head by Mary Hanley Oxford  


Coming home through “The Twisties” by Cathy Whigham