2011 Tired Butts

Tired Butts 2011 Lake Guntersville October 2011

  Russell’s Pics       David’s Pics & Video

This was our 7th Tired Butts Ride to North Alabama. It was also our highest attended fall ride to this area with 36 folks. Wow! We had some new faces this year. Carl & Kathy Raymond, Larry & Pat Sharpton, Carl & Robin Lunderstat, Jess & Melina Nicholas, & Scott & Lisa Bradley. The rest were old timers. Tom & Laurie Peacock made the journey from Florida to join in. A huge thanks to you all for coming to my favorite event of the year. Bill Berg’s idea to make this a two night affair was definitely a good one.

The colors were great this year. Be sure to see Russell & Cathy’s photos, its almost like riding along. They take great pictures and make them immediately available – just click the link above or at the end of this page.  We hit some new sights and many new roads. Getting off the beaten path on side roads with great scenery and not being  exactly sure where we are is part of the adventure. After all, good rides are the goal of this trip. We didn’t hit all the planned stops, so we have a reason to go back. We did catch Cathedral Caverns, Unclaimed Baggage, and High Falls.

We made the “Pig Tail” – Hwy 25 – Alabama’s Mini Dragon, the great Hwy 129 out to the state park, some real back roads from the cave to Scottsboro that led me to stop a pick up to be sure where we were. From Scottsboro back on 67 alongside the water is an absolutely wonderful drive.  Hwy 68 to 11 is one of my favorites. 211 into Gadsden with its rock walls was beautiful. To top things off, a run up the back side of Mt Cheaha and those fine twisties before heading home.

561 miles was the distance this year with no serious mishaps. Ok, one minor one, but who’s going to pick on Mac? At 84 he piloted his MGB through the ups and downs and round and rounds as well as anyone. One short turn drug his tail pipe loose. Thankfully Robin was there to push it back on. Thankfully because us men were all thinking, “OK, if I get down there, who will help me get up!”

The Lodge is fantastic, rooms are big, and the view is great. They made us feel welcome with our club on the big screen. See the picture – George has some pull!  yes, both cars on the big screen belong to George &Kathi Needham.  Food. Yes we had food. We may have to rename this the Big Butts tour! Charlie B’s in Oneonta is always great, the Lodge food was really good – a mite slow on Friday night due to their seafood buffet which is a local favorite. Triple R BBQ was very good  and a favorite with all. Sunday found us at Top O the River for another really good seafood fare. 

Thanks again everyone. This trip was made even more special to me because Kay and Matt both made the trip. Its been a long time since Kay has been healthy enough to go and I appreciate all the welcoming and kind words for her. Matt hitched a ride with Tommy and Ron and told me of many tall tales when we got home. Hope you all had as good a time as I did. Now, go look at the pictures.

Russell’s Pics                             David’s Pics & Video