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British Marques


1998 -2003 Jaguar Parts Manual


Austin Healey

 100-6 Wiring Diagram

Sprite Wiring Diagram

 Autosport Road Test 1952 Austin Healey 100

Autocar Road Test 1953 Austin Healey 100

Autocar Road Test 1958 Austin Healey Bugeye 

Australian Motor Manual 1956 – Austin Healey 100 VS Triumph TR3 

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MG Side Valve Covers – Excessive Oil Consumption?

Charcoal Canister Rebuild

MGB Wiring Diagram – All Models 

MGA Handbook

MGA Nuts and Bolts

MGA Original Prices

 That Pesky MGA Turn Signal Switch

 MGA Guru – over 1600 technical articles

MGA 1500 Road Test  


TR-2, 3, & 4 Wiring Diagrams

TR 250 & 6 Wiring Diagrams

Spitfire Wiring Diagram

TR3 Owners Manual


Carbs – Hey its Got to Drink & Breathe!

 Skinners Union   

SU Fuel Pumps 101 and Replacment Options
(Options shown are Moss Motors, Victoria british, and NAPA for the AH 3000
               But will apply to several British marques) 

 Index – Identification and General Information

 Basic Principles

 Tuning and Adjusting     Colortune      SU Tool Kit

Repair Instructions

 Dismantling and Reassembly

SU Carbs on MGBs

Rebushing an SU Carb – from MGA GURU – Barney Gaylord

Checking and cleaning an SU carburettor (with cut-away drawings)



Zenith Stromberg



 Zenith Stromberg Tips




   Weber DGV


  32/36 Diagram 

  Troubleshooting – Webers




 Lucas Master Parts Catalog 400E – 1945-1960 (Searchable PDF, courtesy of the MGAGuru)

Lucas Fault Manual

Lucas Generator and Control Box Test Manual

(Also see individual marques wiring diagrams, above)


British VS American Part Names

Fault Finding Guide from 1956   Olden and Golden!

Tracing Engine Troubles Another Oldie

BMC Fasteners

British Motor Heritage Limited new British body shells for your restoration.  Here’s how they make the MGB shells