McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren Comes to Montgomery
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Jamie Kitman and the McLaren MP4-12C paid a visit to Montgomery. Could there be a better way to spend an afternoon if you are a car guy? Not only a view of this new road version of the McLaren, but to be allowed to wonder around in Mitchell Classics.

Jamie is the bureau chief for Automobile Magazine and the new car reviewer for GQ Magazine. He dropped in Mitchell’s to share the car on his drive from Los Angeles to New York. While the car is awesome, it was nice to see Jamie was our kind of guy. He has owned many MGs and Triumphs. His first sports car was an MGA he never finished. That sounds familiar! He told many tales of his automtive history and how he ended up with Automobile Magazine.

He did not – however – agree to test drives as requested by Blitz.  Try as he might, Don could not schmooze Jamie enough for trip around the block! The car is a bargain compared to the GT3 version which has been on sale previously for $519,000. This version is a paltry $240,000. Now – wonder what celebrity drives one of these???? Click Here

It really was a nice car and we wish to thank Jamie and Bill Mitchell for a wonderful evening as well as Josh Segall, an attorney in town, who invited our club..


Montgomery attorney, Joshua Segall, sent this message to David:


Brandon and I used to be neighbors, that’s how we know each other.  I’m a lawyer and owner of a tech business.  I have a business relationship with a guy named Jamie Kitman who is driving through Montgomery next week (Thursday, April 18-19,  he’ll be in town).  Jamie is the bureau chief for Automobile Magazine and the new car reviewer for GQ, among other things.  

When I told Brandon about Jamie, he suggested I might put together a little event, Jamie could give a talk and we could invite various car club members.  I talked to Bill Mitchell who said we could use his place.  I need to get the word  out–that is, if people are interested in meeting Jamie.  
Jamie is coming through town because he’s doing a cross country drive, I think for GQ.  He’s driving a McLaren MP4-12C.  
Does this interest you?  Do you think members of the English car club or any of the other car clubs would be interested?  If so, can you help me get the word out?  I’ll put together an email invitation and buy us all some beers.  

Thanks to Bill Mitchell at Mitchell Classics for opening his showroom to us for this event.