Farewell, Terry & Georgia

Terry and Georgia came to us in the spring of 2013 and arrived at the starting line with engines revving at redline.  Terry shared his Member Profile with us in June; they joined the Tired Butts gang by that fall on our trip down the Natchez Trace Parkway, Coon Dog Cemetery, and Rattlesnake Saloon (and every Tired Butts trip since); tried to teach some old dogs a new trick by planning a “tulip rally” the following April; and was elected BMC president the same month and continued to serve as our leader for the next three years. He was the only one of us who didn’t head for the nearest exit when asked to promote a club event on a local TV interview.  At the same time, Terry led the way in securing our new car show venue at the Farmers Market Shed and delivered a table load of door-prizes and goodie-bag gifts and signage for the shows as well as creating our car show flyers and posters using his considerable skills at the computer.  In his spare time, Terry rescued a moribund MGB and restored it into a beautiful, road-worthy ride. And, largely through Terry’s efforts, we formed a lasting bond with Children’s Harbor as our charity.

But, alas, Terry and Georgia have decided to move way up east of the Mason-Dixon line — closer to their family and the grand kids before they grow up.  To show our appreciation, Blitz and Amanda hosted a farewell party for the Youngs with BMC members pitching in with their special dishes.  We enjoyed exchanging memories of our time together.  So, we hate to see them leave and assume they’ll be back for visits, but they’re leaving a big void down here.  Farewell, Terry and Georgia.

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