Lee & Mary Host the VWs and British Cars, Aug 2009

Lee & Mary with the Cooper S
Once again Lee & Mary opened their shop for us. This time they also invited the VW club. In addition to the MINI, the MGBs, and various other makes Lee and Mary also have a VW thing and a Bus. Retirement is keeping this couple busy as they are active in several car clubs.

The drive down was HOT. I kept thinking – what will it be like on the way back? Well it was HOTTER. The trip down was fine. 13 members made the 100 mile trip to the shop. Ron and Lynn thought I was lost as we took a different route this year thanks to Lee. Well I was kinda lost. We only backtracked a couple of miles when I missed the final important turn. That is a huge improvement from the norm!

Four British cars, a Vette, and three whatcha callems make the trip. We spread out in front of the shop and soon the VW club arrived. Lee and Mary welcomed both groups with a MINI and a VW Bus parked at the entrance drive. John, Cindy, Tommy, Lilage, and Bobby were making their first trip here. First we examined the bone yard of MGBs and VWs . There are a bunch of cars and many are restorable.

Entering the back door you find yourself in the paint booth. WOW. Wish I had that. Lee had one car in the booth being painted. Next was another repair area and a car on one of several lifts. Then the main shop area. Lessee, a motor home, the Thing, a couple of MGBs – one on a rotisserie, a couple of TR7s, motors, transmissions, wheels, scooters, and much more. The ladies went onto the loft for more browsing and I think some took some prizes home.

Lunch was served in an air conditioned office area. The food was great as always along with the desserts. This room was well cooled and a favorite spot for us. We had to be blasted out! But out we came and kicked a few VW & Brit tires and compared the cars. Interesting day.

Thanks again Lee & Mary for all your hospitality and work for the club. We appreciate it. We had a really great time
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