Christmas Party 2010

We do love traditions in our club and Christmas at the Marks House is one of our good ones. Our club has had our party here every year since inception except one – the year of the fire. A great old farmhouse from the 1800s, it is a perfect place to kick back, socialize, eat too much, and then fight the Dirty Santa game. First comes the feasting. Always great food and greatl organized by Pam. Genevieve cooked our turkey and everyone brought a dish or two. Fantastic eating! Kay dug out some old Christmas projects from years past for display. The old carousel was made to work. To see it: Go to the bottom of the page

The 2010 party held special meaning. We recognized our Charter Members as we start our 20th year as a club in 2011.

Charter Members - Hamer Phillips & Pam Bransford

Six members have been involved since day one and were recognized with a commemorative plaque stating their Name, Charter Member, 1991-2011. So a huge thank you for the resolve and continued participation of these special members:  Pam Bransford,  Terry & Pat Mount, Hamer Phillips,    Raymond & Shirley Cooper


Needham Award Winner - Bobby

Bobby Gunter was presented our Needham Award for 2010.

This award, donated by George & Kathi Needham recognizes a member for club participation. Bobby has made almost every outing and meeting for 2010. We forgive him for one missed meeting – he was busy bringing home a Healey from Dallas. In addition Bobby hosted the club, provided a new club banner, and – let me ride in and drive one of his Austin Healeys. Congratulations and thank you for your friendship and company in 2010.


Canavan Award Winner - Terry & Lynnette


Terry & Lynette were awarded the Canavan award for 2010

This award, donated by Mike & Jan Canavan as they returned to England, recognizes the car most improved during the year. The Black Beauty MG Midget restored by Terry features an Army Decal reconizing the marksmanship division terry was in. This car lacked doors, hood, and interior as 2010 began. To see it in its pristine shape in time to win our Best of Show at our car show was indeed worthy of recognition. The car was finished with a hidden gas filler tube beneath an electrically opened boot lid. Congratulations for a fantastic job in a continuing fashion as our only 3 and 4 time winner becomes our 5 time winner.


David received a special award from Terry & Lynette – a wooden plaque recognizing oue “Lowflying Leader” after a trip to Mt Cheaha was compared to our forebearer of tall tales – Nigel Shiftright. This award now hold a special spot above club photos in David’s office.

The Lowflyer Covetted Leader Award

Dirty Santa. What can we say. The game was good to some and well, not so nice to others. Poor Tamara first got a gallon and a quart of oil. Not to be dismayed, someone took it away. She promptly got a fender cover – delighted I am sure. For me, I must have been a lot more bad than I realized. No one took away my used fart book and bottle stopper. Dirty santa indeed.

Russell’s slideshow

David’s Slideshow