Children’s Harbor Art Show & British Cars

In 2016, under Terry Young’s leadership, our club partnered with Children’s Harbor to help out in the small ways our club could. The call came asking our club to participate in the annual Art on the Lake. The idea was to provide something for the guys while ladies shopped the Art.

Russell Whigham and I took the tour and learned a lot more about this facility and the work they do. I had always thought it was a children’s retreat for cancer. It is so much more. It is a place where families can relax along with other families with seriously ill children afflicted with various diseases. These retreats are free for the families.

On the day of the show we left Montgomery with a caravan of cars. A couple more met us on the way and even more came there on there own. I counted sixteen cars!  A smashing success for a club our size on a holiday weekend.

We were parked in front of the Harbor House alongside the entrance to the show on one side and Lake Martin on the other. The cars and setting were great. Lunch was at the Kowaliga Restaurant. With our cars parked, it was a nice walk there and back.

We trust we added to the day’s events and if invited, will surely return next year for this worthy cause.

Thanks to everyone for bringing your cars and supporting bothe our club and Children’s Harbor. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Take a look at the pictures.