Bobby Gunter Hosts the Club March 2009

by: David Price

This is how a British Car outing should be. The weather was great and folks arrived in their British cars. Having been to Bobby’s, I knew what was in store for the rest of the gang. But even I was surprised. As we parked and entered the garage, there sat not only the beautfiful cars, but a spread of appetizers and drinks of all kind. Then he had bar b que catered for us. Hey – I vote for an annual affair!

Bobby has 22 British cars, if I heard right. There are 6 Jags, 6 Austin Healeys – a 1954 he bought new, 6 MGs – two pre war and a rare MGA Twin CAM, 2 Austin A40 Sports, and finally 2 Triumph 2000s. Many are pristine and some are being restored. Some of these Bobby has been playing with for more than 40 years. He even has two XK120 Coupe fenders he bought in 1954 for the Jag he hoped to own someday! That is perseverance. Some cars are at the painter’s and body shop, some are stored elsewhwere, but there were plenty to enjoy

We had a great time with a great host and great cars – what could be better?


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