BMCM Car Show – How Members Can Help

BMC president, David Price, and 2018 car show chairman, Blitz Welch, have called for “all hands on deck” for our 23rd British Car Show on October 12.  As we near the big day, planning is well underway, but we’ll need everyone who can, to pitch in as we shoot for our goal of fifty cars this year.

In preparation for the show, we’ll need help with placing flyers on potential entrants car windscreens and having promotional posters placed in the store-front windows of businesses.  Download and print the FLYER HERE and the POSTER HERE.

You can help expedite registration if you will complete the online Preliminary Registration so that all you’ll need to do on the day of the show is to pay your registration fee (and lunch money, if you choose) and have your photo with your car made.

We’d also like for you to solicit the donation of gifts to be used as door prizesExperience has taught us that businesses like/need to have a letter stating the purpose of the donation is for their files or headquarters approval.  We have put together some aids to make this happen.   If you’d like to customize the letter with your donor businesses name, etc. you can download the MSWORD version of the Sponsor Letter  HERE.   We also have included some  Talking Points  to help close the deal.  While we’ll be leaning heavily on the car related products and repair services, ANY donation from  restaurants, or anywhere you do business, would be helpful.

And, of course, drive or drag your British car(s) to the show.

On the day of the show, we’ll need help as well.  Let Blitz know if you can help these volunteers:

  • Registration:  Cathy & Verna
  • Vote Talliers: Amanda & _____
  • Food:  Pam, Linda, Doris, & Deborah
  • Publicity:  Tom,
  • Sponsors:  Blitz,
  • Registration : Cathy, Verna, Amanda,
  • Awards, dash plaques, and shirts:  David
  • Door prizes: Dan, Blitz
  • Greeters & parking directors: Brandon, Dan,
  • Photo staging and parking directors (3-4 needed): David, Hank, Tom
  • Photography: Russell
  • Hanging signage, banners, and flags: Andy, Brandon, Tom, David, Blitz, Russell
  • Tables & chairs for registration, food line, prizes, and eating area: Brandon & Blitz
  • Venue liaison: David
  • Children’s Harbor liaison: David

Thanks for your help!