2018 Tired Butts: Mentone, Falls & Foliage

Little River Falls


2018 brought our 13th Tired Butts overnight trip. We again visited the Mentone and Little River Canyon area of Alabama. This area has always drawn our largest group of Tired Butters. The 30 member mark was hit once again.

Special thanks go out to Lynna Meadows and Russell Whigham. Lynna helped plan and arrange our dinner spots. Then she and Barry opened their beautiful Mentone home for pre dinner snacks and drinks – both nights. They really have a lovely home and it is available for renting if you are interested. Russell led the herd northward from Montgomery. He found a great lunch spot in Centre Alabama and while  under his leadership – the caravan made record time!

This trip was to be special for Dan & I. We were to run the old whisky roads of the Smoky Mountains and meet the gang in Mentone. Unlucky # 13 hit Betsy and she was left at home for the first time in all these trips. Dan on the other hand, allowed me the co-pilot seat in his Miata and the trip was on. He was able to mark a few roads off his bucket list. The main one was the Tail of the Dragon. He attacked it mightily. Tires were crying braking before turns, wailing through the turns, and screaming out! I held on and wore out my imaginary brakes! Dan was dead calm. I think he has a hearing problem

The Montgomery gang arrived before us , which threw my planning out the window as Russell got them there quickly in the rain. Friday saw us gather in a room for snacks, drinks, and loud chatter before heading to Lynna & Barry’s house. There we found a huge selection of pre-dinner snacks and beverages. Dinner was at the Green Leaf Grill. The food was good and plentiful and provided a nice time to relax and socialize. The after dinner drive back to the Desoto State Park Lodge is always a blast. Plenty of curves and never enough light! Thanks Hank & Deborah for the lift.

Saturday was for touring. This was the  first visit to this area for several in our group. This part of Alabama is unlike any other. It is really beautiful and especially so in the fall of the year. As we toured the Little River Canyon the views were magnificent as always. The Little River and waterfalls were roaring after the preceding day’s rains. Grace’s High Fall’s was even flowing – something we’ve never seen on these trips before. After the scenic drive, we visited the Little River Falls up close and enjoyed the splendor of this waterfall.  A quick stop at the new information center and it was time for lunch.

We split up for lunch but all had the same tales. It took a long time to eat. It’s the busiest season for the area and the small kitchens were overrun. But hey, we got enough to eat! After lunch it was on to the Sally Howard Memorial Church. A unique church actually built on a rock with the rock protruding inside and forming a portion of the pulpit. We were off again to Desoto Falls. This is the tallest falls in Alabama and sight of Alabama’s first ever hydroelectric dam. Again we were fortunate to have one of the largest flows we have seen here along with the fall colors. We enjoyed the walkways and soon headed back to our rooms.

DeSoto Falls

Saturday evening would find us again at Lynna & Barry’s house with another assortment of tasty treats and beverages. Then it was off to the Wildflower Café. Ms. Moon has hosted our group several times and while we all like the uniqueness of the tent, we didn’t like the cold. Temps had fallen well below norm for the season and approached mid 30s at dinnertime. As for me you ask? Well I was quite toasty arranging a seat between the two heaters. Dinner was very good as always and soon we were heading back.

This is where I got a treat. Having really missed Betsy, my MGA, on this trip, I was allowed to drive Blitz’ wild Triumph Spitfire. Having heard tales of this raw beast, I jumped at the chance. It is dark and the road is very narrow and twisty, but Blitz allowed me to play a little. This is a really fun car!

The night wrapped up with a few gathered again for a nightcap or three. Or more. As I looked around the room, it is apparent great friendships are made in this club and on trips like these. It was another fun time for the books.

Now get ready for 2019 – it is another Lady’s Year. I can’t wait to see what they have in store.



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Indian Falls