2018 Pike Road Arts and Craft Fair

2016 Pike Road Art Fair

Saturday, November 3, is the date of the 2018 Pike Road Arts and Craft Fair.  The car club, several months ago, was asked to participate in the fair by providing several cars to be displayed at the fair.  The club agreed to participate and we have been included in the publicity for the fair.  I would like to have a count of how many cars plan to be on display at the fair so I can reserve adequate parking spaces for the cars and secure admission tickets to the gate.

Please let David know if you plan to display your car even if it is not British.

Barbara Berg

Pike Road School

Let’s queue up in the Pike Road School parking lot (Pike Road @ Flinn Road), [MAP] and be ready to caravan down Old Pike Road to the Marks House at 8:15am.  Barbara will have our complimentary event passes.  From there Barbara, will lead us for 2-miles to our designated parking area via the driveway just south of the Marks House.  Food trucks will be there with the hundreds of arts and crafts vendors.

The Marks House