2018 Lunch Run to Red’s Little School House

Red’s Little Schoolhouse

“Red’s for Lunch” is all we have to say to gather a crowd. This little restaurant is known far and wide for their delicious buffet and home made pies. Better known as Red’s Little Schoolhouse Restaurant, it is one of our favorite places to eat. The food is always good and the staff as friendly as can be.

Located in Grady Alabama, for our crew, it also helps that there is a winding, curvy, roller coaster of a road to get there. Long Road isn’t a requirement, but why would you not enjoy this road?  It has been a favorite of our LBCs for many years. Fast or slow, it is a nice ride.

There were 19 folks who took this ride. We caravanned down together, filled our bellies, kicked a few tires, and as usual left in all directions! Some hurried home while others visited Sweet Creek Farm Market. It’s a fact you can get the largest fried pork rinds in Alabama here along with some HUGE cookies.

Red’s Little Schoolhouse is about 30 miles south of Montgomery. If you haven’t tried it, you should. And if you have a sports car or not, you should join the gang in the British Motoring Club on some fun runs. You’ll enjoy the rides and the folks.