2018 July 4th Parade & Cookout

Our British Car Club was again well represented at the Pike Road 4th of July Parade. I counted seven members participating in the parade in some fashion. We had an old  Ford, Porsche, Lexus, Miata, along with a TR6, MGA, and MINI. Russell was there to take plenty of pictures for us – so the MINI was there, just not in the parade. We had  TWO actual British cars.

This year we had been asked to haul a couple of the Pike Road Dignitaries. Up front was Tom Miro in his pristine TR6 with the “Citizen of the Year”. Next was Dan Byrne in his Miata with “The Old Brick”  The parade had been lengthened by about 30 yards, proving to be a daunting task as Tom’s car sprung a leak and was overheating just as he reached the drop off point.

It was HOT as always. Throwing candy to the kids is always a favorite for me. I was amazed how many there were this year. Leslie Ellis became my helper in throwing candy. Donnie & Leslie were there with their son Tripp who was riding a bike in the parade.

The parade is a hoot to me. I would like to see us increase our numbers – but did I mention it was HOT?

After the parade the Welches again hosted the gang for a cookout. The food was amazing – these ladies know how to do a pot luck lunch! Don & Verna were there and it is great to see Don standing on his own. It was also great to see John Wesson. There were maybe 20 folks and I’ll not name them all.

There was a Battle Royale brewing in the pool. Hank & Deborah brought a volleyball net. There were games and then there were grudge matches. So whether you gathered for talk or gathered for play, there was fun to be had. The volleyball was so much fun, a later set of matches ensued and it is rumored this may become a weekly event this summer.

Thanks again to  Blitz & Amanda for sharing their home and providing us with such a nice play place.

Lastly – Bill still didn’t bring me my “Favorite Car Award” of the parade.