2018 D’Road Breakfast

(Until Tom submits his proper write-up for the victuals at our vicarious visit to South America, and the subsequent if more mundane meal in South Alabama, here’s a summary using some of his own words.) 

Breakfast, Venezuelan style!  We met on Saturday July 28th at 0800 at the Chappy’s parking lot on Perry Hill.  From there, it was a short ride into downtown including one parade lap around the fountain at Court Square then around the corner to D’Road Café [MAP] [MENU].  Yum!

Joining us were Pam’s friend, Carol King, and her friend, Jeff Feet who recently bought a red,1959, MGA with a MGB lump.  No David and Betsy haven’t parted ways — just found a doppelganger.

After breakfast, Tom motored down US 31 to Greenville, just because . . .  well it is the Butler county seat, and they were instrumental in adopting the state flower, and Hank Williams lived there a short while.  They have a very good BBQ joint in a Shell station(!) called BBQ 65.

We have returned from our outing to Greenville, formerly Buttsville.  After a nice, 45 mile drive on US 31, we drove west on AL 10 across town, finding several dead Shell stations, yet no BBQ.  BBQ65 was located west of town, at the exit and crazy busy. The pulled pork sandwiches were served unsauced, with three pickle chips and a thin, spicy, tomato-based sauce on the side. The meat was plentiful, but not smoky. There was no pit at the station, perhaps it is done at another location and transported there.

I did not find the other BBQ restaurant, perhaps when we head down again. *


Your breakfast/lunch(?) travel guide.


[* BBQ 65 is next to the Shell station at exit 128 (AL 10/Pine Apple highway).  The BBQ joint next to the Shell Station at exit 130 (AL 184), is the Real Pit Bar-B-Q. Ed ]