2018 Catfish Dinner for Don & Verna

August 23 was a great day for our car club. We dined with Don & Verna at the Catfish House in Millbrook. Many of you know Don and Verna have weathered one hell of a storm and have made it through Don’s strange and dangerous illness or illnesses

July 4th was the first time I saw Don stand unaided in well over a year.  On this night he walked on his own from the car, inside the restaurant, and back out again. It was great to see the strength exhibited by this long time hero and Verna who has been by his side through it all. Looking ahead – they have booked for our fall Tired Butts Tour and we really look forward to seeing them out again.

There were about twenty of us gathered for this night. Don received a couple of gifts. Bill Berg brought a very tasteful Jaguar poster of Jags through the years. How he found one with Gator Blue is beyond me. Don also received a gift from one who will remain nameless J. An unusual decanter for our diehard Florida Gator fans. This thing looked like a log, had a gator head for the stopper and four gator heads around the sides. It was presented as a future heirloom passed own for generation after generation ….. or to be dumped in the trash on the way home by Verna. Don said he had a spot for it in their den. Verna’s eyes rolled back.  Either way, it had Don Green wrote all over it!

Thank you to everyone who came. We love this couple and look forward to seeing them more & more.