2018 BMC Christmas Party

Christmas! Everyone’s favorite time of year. I hope you get what you want for your LBCs this year, whatever that may be. If we went by what we deserved – well it would be great for some and flat tires for others!

Our year ending event again found us at Sugar B’s in Prattville. This was the third hosting by the Ladies of Sugar B’s. As always the food was plentiful and very very tasty. Again we must thank Cathy Whigham and Verna Green for arranging our place and menu. A very good job!

The weather was dreadful with heavy rain and a blustery wind. Just right – if we had been in Britain. It was so bad Mike’s kilt was blown up! Marilyn Monroe he is not! As we chose spots to park and rushed ourselves and gifts inside, it would be at leaving time I remarked to Andy he had parked in a handicapped slot. He says,” Well I just parked next to you”     I had parked over the striped loading area in the handicapped slot J

It was again good to see some folks or in this weather. Don & Verna Green, John Wesson, and Tommy Potts made it and it was great to have them join us again. The pretty Lady with me was Debra Spivey. Many of you have met her before and know, as I do, she is as nice & friendly, as she is pretty. There was lots of conversations going on as time approached to dine. Blitz blessed our food and we dug in.

As we ended our feasting a few club matters were brought up. Our January meeting will see new officers taking their vaulted positions. They follow a very active year in which our club had 23 actual driving events plus our monthly meetings. Needless to say, we are an active club with lots of variety to enjoy. Our chosen charity has been Children’s Harbor and I am very proud to say we surpassed our goal of one thousand dollars this year. In addition to the car show, folks were very generous in donating money at the Christmas Party. It looks like we will be donating about $1,300 this year!

The Annual Canavan and Needham Awards were presented. The Canavan Award was donated to us in 1996 by Mike & Jan Canavan to recognize the most improved car of the year. It came as no surprise the winner would be Bill Berg’s beautiful Triumph TR3. Certainly an effort of love, Bill finished this car in record time. I have heard varying reports, but it appears somewhere in the 12 to 15 year range. See you on the road Bill!

The George & Cathy Needham Award was donated to recognize the club member who best promoted, served, attended, and improved the club in the given year. There was talk we “needed” a new name as Tom Miro had won the previous two years. A suggestion it would “embarrass” Tom to win the award yet again. We had about four deserving names we kicked around seriously. The more kicking we did, the more one name kept rising. In every category imaginable. So for the only threepeat of our club, we once again recognize Tom Miro for his efforts, embarrassed or not!

Dirty Santa always ends our party. Always a hoot, I was the center of attention when I opened a ladies makeup case. Mignonne rescued me or I would be forced to show at the next meeting in drag! Whew! The gifts were good this year and I hope everyone went home fairly happy. An extra award this year was a diorama sent by Prez for Life Terry Young. The lucky winner was Dan Byrne!

That wrapped us up so Merry Christmas everyone! I hope we all have a grand 2019!

Your EX Prez,