2018 BMC Car Show

What a wonderful day we had! There were some really nice cars in a wide variety. Though there were some really good MGs , the day belonged to Triumph. Three absolutely immaculate TR3s – including our own Bill Berg’s making the show in grand fashion! It has been a long road and really is nice to see Bill driving this baby.

Some unusual cars – a 1936 Ford right hand drive convertible. This has to be a very rare car. There was much speculation – was it built in the states or across the pond?  Were English Fords around back then? Thanks Doc for allowing Tom the pleasure of driving it to the show. How about two Lotus? Lotuses? Loti?   A beautiful yellow Elise and an equally beautiful lotus Excel – which I had never seen. We had a yellow Volkswagen Bug attend. This car is really nice and look closely – it has air conditioning! It was great to see him at the show and hopefully he can bring more VW owners next year. One Porsche 911, a Mercedes, and a Mazda rounded out this group.

I just love the older models. They are ingrained in my blood. The MGTD, several gorgeous MGBs, two MGAs rounded out our MG stable. More maybe in numbers, but not enough to sway the votes from the awesome Triumphs. Three TR3s, a TR4, Two TR6s, and two Spitfires. The Jaguars held their own too. An early E-Type Coupe (with air!) that looked amazing and two newer models looking good as always.

Blitz Welch again did an outstanding job of bringing things together with the help of a few friends. The food – what else can be said. Where can you eat like that for 5 bucks anymore? I heard several compliments on our registration, so a job well done.

That brings us to the awards. Wish I could have gotten one. Andy beat me out by one vote! Mine. The awards were made by Tom Miro from car parts. Primarily pistons sliced in half and mounted on a wooden plaque. The Best in Show was of two mirrors – a fender and a dash mirror. Tom says, so the winner could bask in pride while admiring himself!

I truly had a great time and hope everyone else did as well. Let’s do it again next year!


Car Show  [PHOTOS]

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2018 BMC Car Show Awards

Best of Show

Yardley and Kim Bailey,  1958 Triumph TR3A – WABCC


Top Five Thru-1980 Cars

C. H. Cox, 1951 MG-TD – BMCM


Randy Darden, 1967 MGB – BHAM


Tom Densmore, 1965 Triumph TR4A IRS – BMCM


Jimmy Farris, 1956 Triumph TR3 – BHAM


Bill Berg, 1960 Triumph TR3A – BMCM


Top Five Post-1980 Cars

Dr. Ian Peden, 1984 Rolls Royce Corniche – BMCM


Don & Verna Green,  1998 Jaguar XK8 – BMCM


Hubert Holmes,  Lotus Excel SE, RHD – BITV


Larry Miller, 2000 Porsche 911 – BMCM


Jason Adams, 2006 Lotus Sport Elise – MGM


Diamond in the Rough

Andy Martin, 1969 Triumph TR6 – BMCM



2018 BMC Car Show Entries

42 Total

Last Name First Name Year Make Model Club Awards
Bailey Yardley  1958 Triumph TR3A WABCC Best of Show
Bettes Stephen 1974 MG MGB BitV
Bizzoco Dr. Bruce 2017 Mazda MX-5 RF( L.Ed) BHAM
Board Tom  1974 MG MGB BHAM
Bransford Pam 1969 MG MGB-GT BMCM
Byrne Dan 1979 MG MGB-LE BMCM
Cox C. H. 1951 MG MG-TD BMCM Top 5 Old
Darden Randy  1967 MG MGB BHAM Top 5 Old
Densmore Tom 1965 Triumph TR4A-IRS BMCM Top 5 Old
Drasheff Don 2000 Honda S 2000 BMCM
Dzuirlik Jan 1972 VW Beetle CAMAC
Green Don & Verna 1998 Jaguar XK8 BMCM Top 5 New
Holmes Hubert 1991 Lotus Excel SE BitV Top 5 New
Horn Steve  2012 Mercedes SLK 350 BHAM
Jenkins Andre 1974 MG MGB-GT BMCM
Jenkins Andre 1977 MG MGB MGM
Jenkins Andre 1980 MG MGB- LE MGM
Jones Curt 1969 MG MGB BHAM
Farris Jimmy 1956 Triumph TR3 BHAM Top 5 Old
Krauss William 1969 Jaguar E-Type Coupe BHAM
Martin Andy  1969 Triumph TR6 BMCM Diamond
McKitrick Mike 1980 Triumph TR8 BMCM
Miro Thomas 1976 Triumph TR6 BMCM
Price David  1959 MG MGA BMCM
Robinson Donnie 1973 MG MGB MGM
Summerlin Bill & Susan 1964 MG MGB BMCM
Taylor Mark & Vicki 2015 Jaguar F Type BMCM
Welch Blitz 1978 Triumph
Spitfire 1500
Whigham Russell 2010 Mini Cooper S GEN2 BMCM
Williams Allen & Ione 1963 Austin Healey Mk II, BJ7 WABCC
Adams Jason 2006 Lotus Sport Elise MGM Top 5 New
Berg Bill & Barbara 1960 Triumph TR3A BMCM Top 5 Old
Branch Malcolm 1967 MG MGB BMCM
Kean Rick 1980 Triumph Spitfire 1500 MGM
Miller Larry C. 2000 Porsche 911 BMCM Top 5 New
Pardo Ron & Joyce 2009 MINI Cooper S Cabriolet BMCM
Peden Ian 1936 Ford Coupe Cabriolet, RHD BMCM Top 5 New
Peden Ian 1984 Rolls Royce Corniche  BMCM
Smith Bob & Marion 1974 MG MGB BMCM
Treadwell Keith 1960 MG MGA BitV
Ward Linton 1957 Morris Minor 1000 MGM
Womble Steve  1976 Triumph TR6 MGM



Car Show Committee

Blitz Welch – Chairman, Head Cat Herder, Sponsors, Shirts
Terry Young – Posters

David Price – Meeting Room, Signs, Banners, Signs, Printing, Complaint Window
Hank Sims – Signs, Donations, Parking Coordinator
Deborah Sims – PA announcer
Debra Sims & Amanda Welch – Show Prizes, Spokes-models, MC’s, and Book Sales
Dan Byrne – Parking Attendant & Sponsor relations
Mignonne Haynes – Donations, Jim ‘N Nicks Baked Beans, cheese crackers, and candy
Cathy Whigham – Registration, Treasurer
Verna Green – Registration Assistant

Russell Whigham – Photography, Weather
Brandon Brazil -State of Alabama liaison, Donations, Publicity, Sponsor relations
Pam Bransford – Food Coordinator
Lunch prep and servers – Pam, Linda, Deborah, and Barbara

Tom Miro – Publicity, Chief Mechanic, Trophies



Donations & Sponsors


Moss Motors – stickers, pens, hats and discount coupons
Victoria British LTD.-  Nitril gloves,  and $50 Gift Certificates (Dan)
Hagerty – tote-bags, stickers
Matthews Foreign Car Parts
RockAuto.com – car pix Magnets
Crown Health Care – pens, sticky-notes
Children’s Harbor – pens
Peaches ‘N Clean – pens
River Bank & Trust – pens, phone card holder, popsocket cell phone grip
Homestead Hospice – pens
Fidelity Bank – pens
Alabama Bicentennial – mints, beverage openers, and pins
Encompass Health – balls, hand sanitizer, lip balm
O’Reilly – air pressure gauge
??? Gunk Windscreen solvent (David)
BITCO Insurance Companies, First aid Kit (David)


Bath Innovations –  bags with pens, ducks, koozies, mint, promo flyers
Jess L. Butrica – Friend of BMCM
Foshee Architecture
Prattville Outdoors
Re-Imagined Furnishings @ The Waters
“The Garage” Vehicle Storage, Frank Parsons
Event Shirts – Southern Threadworks and Shirts




BBQ – Fat Man’s BBQ

Members & Friends:

  • Linda H.- brownies, chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies
  • Beans from Jim and Nick’s  (Mignonne)
  • Deborah S.- banana bread
  • Joyce P.- chocolate pound cake
  • Doris T. – chocolate chip cookies
  • Jason’s wife – jam-filled sugar cookies 
  • Pam – buns
  • Blitz – doughnuts 


Our 23rd British Car Show will be on October 12, 2019