2017 Tired Butts: Tennessee Amish and Tennessee Whiskey

Tired Butts 2017 – Dan’s Trip

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— 
I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference.

Give Dan a round of applause. I was out of ideas after the Ladies hijacked the Tired Butts last year. There was nothing I could come up with to compete with what they gave us last year. This was close! Dan had been sweetening the pot by sharing some of his black sorghum with me. Didn’t take much and I was in. When we first shared the plan, so was everyone else. Three days of nice riding was in store. Well, maybe.

Our group dwindled to eleven cars and twenty two people by departure time. We had a great mix of cars. MGs, Triumphs, Jags, Austin Healey, and MINIs. Our destination was father than usual this year for the first day. I heard reports of 200 to 400 miles when we reached the hotel. Lunch was at Charlie B’s in Oneonta. This spot proves to be quick, good, and plentiful and is one of my favorite group stopping spots.

Hwy 231 is a very scenic road in several different places. Its is just hilly and curvy enough for a fun ride with a trail of cars. Our Pulaski destination was reached with no issues. The social activities ended rather early as we prepared for the next day.

Saturday brought a day of tours. First, the Amish. Dan’s trip – so Dan lead us there. He says “I don’t know how to get there.” That was where the group went wrong. I grow tired of 4 lanes. Fast. Naturally I took a detour and the group followed. Narrow, twisty, winding hilly roads lay in store. As we drove through this valley, the scenery became beautiful. The sounds more welcoming. As the road narrowed it also became a little rougher. Then a short span of gravel. I’m luck my crew didn’t string me up!  Finally, to top things off – a ford! Great! I hadn’t driven through a stream in years. This one was a little fancy as it had a concrete bottom. Just like that – we ended at the same 4 lane nearer our destination.

Dan had a horse drawn bus sized wagon waiting for us. Some drove their cars to various houses while the rest of us took the bus. The tour guide was hilarious and full of knowledge about the Amish. He shared enough knowledge that, while interesting, there would be no conversions on this bus. The bus stopped at various home where we could buy various things for sale. The peanut brittle & sorghum syrup are to die for. This is truly a working lifestyle that most of us are not accustomed to seeing.

Jack Daniels in Lynchburg was next. The place was more crowded than I have ever seen. Alas, most of the tours were sold out. The only thing left was a walking tour and tasting tour. Some took one while others did both. All were pleased with the tour. This was our second trip to the distillery. They make a LOT of whiskey here. Jack Daniels is the number one whisky in the world according to the guides – and very drop is made in Lynchburg. In a dry city and county. You can’t buy it here. Well you can – commemorative bottles only.

Saturday night we gathered for the Bama game in the hotel lobby with a spread of snack and drinks. Talk centered around the drive home. It seemed Hurricane Nate had taken a turn and we would be driving through the heart of it. Some decided to leave early – 4 AM while the rest decided to hang around until 9:30 or so. The early group hit lots of rain and wind. The latter group actually fared well as the eye had crossed the route home. We even stopped at the All Steak for lunch and sampled the famous Orange Rolls and Sunday buffet.

Everyone made the trip safely with no issues, even in the heart of a hurricane. So what’s in store for next year?