2016 VW Meltdown

The last Saturday in July is always the date for the VW Meltdown.  “Meltdown” refers what happens to the PEOPLE attending — not the air cooled engines in the cars on display.  This marks the point on the calendar when (we hope) the hottest days are behind us and the cool low-humidity days of perfect motoring seems possible in the not too distant future.  Again this year, BMC members met at Chappy’s Deli for breakfast.  Terry, Tom, David, Blitz & Amanda, Don & his grandson, Russell, and a chance meeting with Mac who was there with another group, were there to top off their belly tanks.  After a breakfast of good visits and vittles, Terry led a 3-car parade on a short country drive out to Pike Road and eventually back to the shed at the Farmer’s Market for the Meltdown.  On arriving we met up with Andy, Pam, Dr. Peden, Lee & Mary Anne (with their VW bus), and two former BMC members: Cameron Leonard from Pensacola, and Paul Casarona from Auburn.  If were somewhere cooler Saturday morning, check out the pictures below.



Photos by Terry & Russell