2016 Tired Butts – Orange Beach

The Ladies Show us How Its Done

Our fall trek was hijacked by the Ladies. None of the twisty curvy roads – we headed for Orange Beach this year. I was skeptical, however, this year will be one of the most memorable trips we’ve had.

It began with Verna, Cathy, & Amanda saying it was time for a beach trip. A planning session was called and Georgia joined the mix. Amanda had listed several things to do – but the Pensacola Homecoming of the Blue Angels was center stage. The dates were picked and Cathy found a great hotel with fabulous rates. The Best Western Premiere was only 3 months old.

A few weeks before our trip, Earl Garner offered a boat ride aboard the High Cotton. His son Chris operates a charter boat out of Orange Beach. We discussed a two hour ride which would allow time to see the Blue Angels. Were we ever in for a surprise!

Twenty two folks left Montgomery heading down Hwy 31.  Blitz led the way and soon we arrived at Brewton for lunch. It’s best to get my BBQ obligations over with early. We dined at Camp 31 in a renovated section of one of the older buildings. The food was delicious and plentiful. Afterward, we blasted on down to our hotel and settled in.

Dinner was at The Hangout with Bob leading the way. A beach front spot with plenty of room for our folks. The libations and chatter rose to a dull roar and my end of the table was quite entertained by Ione – as always. She threw her shark’s grenadine on Bob, not knowing it did indeed have liquor in the shark. Her refilled shark soon turned her drink blood red as it was supposed to. Bushwhackers. I had heard of ’em, so I ordered one. Those who know me well know I do not like sweet liquor. I had to man up and down my “chick drink” amid the teasing.

Saturday brought our boat ride. Bob led us to the High Cotton’s dock where we found Captain Chris, First Mate Earl, and Deck Hand Sarah. This was a boat! Sleeping room for eight, two TVs, a sofa, and plenty of room for everyone. Chris skippered us along and as I watched the time, grew concerned about getting back to the air show. The plans soon changed. Chris and Earl asked if we would like to watch from the boat. Of course we would! Lunch for the crew was our price of admission. Chris docked this monster to our amazement with nary a bump.

Jaco’s at the Palafox Pier Marina set us up under a red tent overlooking the bay and marina. What a gorgeous setting. The food was fantastic and Chris, Sarah, & Earl kept us entertained and informed, sharing their knowledge of boats, the area, and whatever came up.

Back aboard the High Cotton, we headed back. There were all types of boats in the water to catch the airshow. We could see the beginning clouds of white smoke as Chris slid into a good position. Slowly motoring on our way, the Blue Angels were soon flying over and all around us. Spectacular is all we could say. These guys are amazing.

I did mention two TVs, right? Yes we watched the Bama game and then the Auburn game. What a great day it was. Our 2 hour ride turned into something very special. Captain Chris shared his passion of the sea and his boat with us for about six hours. The docking maneuver was most impressive. A complete 180 and backed into the slip as easy as could be. Thanks to Chris, Earl & Sarah for a fabulous day filled with memories aboard the High Cotton.

Dinner saw us split up and both places were great from what I heard. Blitz & Amanda have a dinner tale of their own to share. Just ask when you see them. The FloraBama was next. The 37th Annual  Songwriter Festival was on. Three stages of live music, plenty to see, and musicians galore. The old place still retains her charm even after the hurricane damage. I always look for a favorite quote of the trip and it happened here. As we left, Kim let out a huge yawn. The doorman said, “Geez Lady, drink some coffee or go to bed”

Sunday found us at Barber’s Marina to see Lady of the Lake, dinosaurs, out board motors,  and BAMAHENGE. The Lady had sunk and was in for repairs.  Dinosaurs roam the forest edges. There are a bunch of Vintage Outboard Motors and a very interesting collection. Then there is Bamahenge, a full scale replica of Stonehenge. Pretty neat.

Lambert’s for lunch and we caught a few rolls. We dropped a few too! They serve a huge lunch and even add more by bringing pass around bowls. Stuffed is the word.

Many good memories were made this year. I wish to thank everyone for going and especially thank Amanda, Cathy, Verna, and Georgia for putting this together. A huge thank you to the ones who led us around – Blitz, Bob, Terry, & Russell.

I heard plans for next year are already on the table!

PHOTOS HERE  (submitted by several contributors)