2011 Inaugural Parade

The call went out from former member Donnie Robinson through Hamer. Will our club provide a few cars for the inaugural parade? I am glad to say we had more cars volunteered than were needed. Several folks volunteered on an “if needed” basis. It is greatly appreciated to see folks step up like this. The first person to respond, volunteered one of my favorite cars – Doc Peden and the Rolls Royce Corniche. This is a beautiful car and was a huge hit in the parade. Some folks who saw it live and on TV called to ask me whose and what kind of car it was. All remarked what a pretty car and how nice it was to see it in the parade. So hats off to Doc and his Rolls.

The number needed wound down to three cars and a spare. Donnie’s green MGB, my MGA, Bobby’s blue Healey, and Doc’s red Rolls. The 3 roadsters met and rode in together. Doc was to meet us there. Now the fun begins.  Asked who are you and why are you here is never a good sign. Next a lady informed us we were in the Governor only parking area. But no one seemed to know where we were supposed to be. Sirens and flashing lights galore appeared and the governor’s party now has us blocked in – and the governor’s spot is blocked by three little roadsters. Congressman Aderholt, one of our passengers to be, wasn’t listed on the parade roster. So the bomb sniffing dogs appeared and our 3 cars were given the sniff over. Now Doc arrives. We are told we are in the wrong zone. You think! Yet no one knows where Aderholt is to be. But Doc’s spot is found and off he goes. Some time later we are to relocate and the motorcycles part so we can roll along.

Well, Doc is told to move again as Bobby & I are now to haul his and he is to haul ours. All seems well, the bands are playing, the drums pounding and no one heard or knew. Doc and I were sweating bullets as the Rolls cranked and cranked and cranked but refused to start. Just as we agreed this was going to be very embarrassing, she fired up and all the gremlins laughed and high fived . Whew!

The parade was fun. Folks were yelling at Doc – both about his lovely car and because they knew him – but had no idea who those other folks were. Bobby and I were several bands behind conveying PSC Dunn and his family. I could hear folks yelling about Bobby’s Healey and a few about my A.

At one point Alicia was waving and answering yes to a guy. She turned and said, “I have no idea what he is talking about. Something about is this a Twin Cam.” I laughed and thanked her for telling him yes.  Nearer the capital, fewer cheers for the cars and more for our riders. The Dunns were really nice folks and so were the Aderholts per Doc. In the end we had a fun day, no break downs in the 6 block parade (a record for us), met some nice people, and Bobby & I are scheduling clutch replacements.

Thanks to Donnie for the invite. He said our cars were a hit among the politicians – our cars being quite different from the norm. Donnie may also join us on some outings in his B. Thanks to everyone who offered their cars and especially Bobby & Doc Peden for participating. As for me, well my civic duties are fulfilled for four years, so I’m

David Price